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SizeGenix Review

Manufacturer: Incredible Health Decisions

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Editors Choice

SizeGenix Review


Every year, countless of new male enhancement supplements flood the market. Some are legitimate products, but the majority are just filler filled capsules manufactured by companies that are more interested in running off with your cash than helping you maximize your sexual potential. As more and more male enhancement supplements hit the market, it becomes more and more difficult to find a male enhancement that works.

Many companies use cheap, low-quality ingredients. But there's one company that takes "quality" to the extreme and throws profit margin's out the window by using "phramaceutical grade" ingredients. And that’s what makes SizeGenix stand out so much.

It’s seem like no matter what hits the market these days (prescription or over-the-counter), none of the product we have reviewed don’t really compare to what we’re seeing from SizeGenix. Lab results are off the charts, but that's only part of the equation. It's what users of SizeGenix are saying that has really made it synonymous with intense orgasms, huge, thick erections and and increase in sexual appetite. Let's take a closer look at SizeGenix.


What is SizeGenix?


SizeGenix is a powerful male enhancement pill that contains ingredients clinically proven to treigger the two mechanisms known to increase penis size, function and performance while increasing your libido and recovery time between orgasms.

There are 8 things that really set SizeGenix apart from most products on the market:

1. It’s formula is targeted to the penis chambers with a sophisticated delivery system and transplant factors.

2. It uses only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.

3. It contains no stimulants.

4. It is GMP Certified.

5. The company offers a money back guarantee.

6. It outperformed all other products we tested.

7. Survey results from men aged 25-60 rated it significantly higher than the next best product in results, satisfaction with 95% of the men saying they would recommend SizeGenix to a friend.

8. It has won prestigious awards in the adult film industry above all other products.


How Does SizeGenix Work?


SizeGenix is made with high quality, pharmaceutical ingredients that are the result of recent medical research performed by famous Harvard Medical School Graduate and "Doctor to the Stars: Dr. Mark Saginor. After researching the data on published clinical trials on male enhancement products, and drawing upon his years as a formulator, Dr. Saginor believes he has created the most effective, and clinically backed natural male enhancement product ever developed.

With the ingredients Dr. Saginor uses SizeGenix is able to increase blood flow to your penis by relaxing the walls of blood vessels and allowing for more flow and volume. This not only has the potential to increase your performance and erection hardness and quality, but also helps increase your length and girth.

SizeGenix uses the key ingredient, Tongkat Ali, has been proven in clinical settings to improve the active ratio of free testosterone to bound testosterone by over 318%. They use a 200:1 extract. SizeGenix dramatically simplifies and enhances the long-standing approach to increasing penis size. Other products only have a fraction may contain similar ingredients but no product contains the pharmaceutical grade ingredients in clinically tested dosages that are found in SizeGenix. With a formula as steeped in research as SizeGenix, it’s no surprise that this supplement has been recognized as the Best Male Enhancement Supplement by both critics and users alike.


Are There Any SizeGenix Side Effects?


No issues have been reported about any side effects related to SizeGenix. In fact, most users love the fact that SizeGenix is side effect free when compared to prescription ED treatments.


How Fast Does SizeGenix Work?

Many men will start to see improvements in size in about 12 days. Some men will notice results quicker and some will not see results until after 12 days – but the vast majority of men will see real changes to their penis size and hardness in about 12 days. Results relating to sexual performance are typically seen within 36 hours.


Where Can I Buy SizeGenix Over The Counter?


SizeGenix does not require a prescription. It is an all-natural herbal product. It is legal in the United States and Canada without the need for a prescription. You can buy it on various websites on the internet – we recommend buying direct from - which comes backed by a Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.


Is SizeGenix a Scam?


No. SizeGenix is not a scam. But a word to the wise: There is counterfeit version of SizeGenix being sold on the Internet right now as you read this. From to eBay you will find SizeGenix knock-offs that are scams. If the price is extremely low like $25 or below you can be assured it is a counterfeit.


How Much Does SizeGenix Cost?


SizeGenix comes 60 pills to a bottle with a cost of between $25 and $45 a bottle. Each capsule is 1,580mg. Suggested serving is two pills a day on an empty stomach. One bottle last 30 days. It is manufactured in the United States in an FDA approved lab. It contains no stimulantes. The ingredients are: 45mg Niacin (Vitamin B3), Proprietary Complex containing: Tribulus Terrestris Extract, L-Arginine Nitrate, Vitis Vinifera, Protodexx Matrix Complex, L-Citruline, MuiraPuama, Maca Root, Long Jack (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack), Avina Sativa Extract, Long Pepper Extract.

To purchase SizeGenix or for more information you can visit their website directly at or by calling 1 800 801-0403

SizeGenix Description


SizeGenix is an all natural male enhancement supplement. The proprietary formula is combination of natural herbs and extracts. The synergy of the ingredients combined together creates a powerful supplement that increases and enhances all areas of male sexual performance. The Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract targets the libido and arousal stimuli, while the L-Citrilline opens up the the blood flow in the three areas of the penis causing better circulation, a larger, harder and stronger erection, while energy and stamina are maintained. Because of the various stimuli to the penis, the actual climax itself becomes much more intense.

SizeGenix Basics


SizeGenix is a proprietary formula, manufactured by Incredible Health Decisions and is made in the USA. The website details so much information about male sexual problems and diagrams explain just how and why this formula works so well. The ingredients listed on the bottle are as follows; Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract, L-Argininr, L-Citrulline, Yohombie Bark Extract, Cnidium Monier Extract, Taurine (as L-Taurine Hydrochloride), Maca Root, Eleuthero Root, Saw Palmetto,Ginko Biloba Leaf Extract, Gaurana Seed Extract, Long Jack, Avena Sativa Extract, and Tribulis Terrestris Extract.

The cost of one bottle is $39.99, ( for 60 pills), which seems about average for a male enhancement supplement and there are special offers and deals for free bottles with larger purchases. Clinical Trials have been performed on this formula proving that it really does work. SizeGenix was designed based on the latest scientific research on mechanisms of vasodilation and capillary expansion. The ingredients have been synergistically combined using state-of-the-art Rapid Expansion Technology,and the Super Critical Extraction Process making each capsule pure, safe and potent. This latest technology makes the task of making you bigger automatic. The Rapid Expansion Delivery System delivers the formula to specific targeted zones, creating size improvements more than any other male enhancement product on the market.

The manufacturer is known and reputable. The company does not practice auto shipping and has a tremendous amount of reorders. The claims SizeGenix makes, seem to really work, and even women have offered testimonials on how the sex with SizeGenix is so much better than before.


SizeGenix Pros

  1. There is a 60 day money back guarantee.
  2. The company is known and reliable and has been in business for some time.
  3. The price is very affordable.
  4. The product starts working immediately, with a notable difference within a week or two, and continued for six to seven months for maximal results.
  5. The product is all natural and can be taken with alcohol and other medications.
  6. There are no known side effects.
  7. Customer satisfaction is always the best proof of a true and valid product.

SizeGenix Cons

  1. The company has sold out of the product, but replaces it quickly.
  2. Other companies are jealous of the product and have said untrue and negative statements.
  3. For maximum results the length of time is 6 months, though it does start to work right away.
  4. Two pills instead of one have to be taken daily, however there are 60 pills in each bottle.
  5. The worst that can be said is the sex is still better than before SizeGenix.


SizeGenix In Conclusion:


This product does achieve what it claims to do. Customers are satisfied, offering positive feedback about the supplement. The pills are priced modestly, making the supplement available to a larger spectrum of people. The scientific community agrees that clinical trials done on this formula prove that it really works. The maintenance plan is very reasonable, taking one pill every week after you have achieved results you want. I rate this product a 10, with 10 being the best, because it follows through on all the claims made and customers worldwide are amazed, happy and satisfied that it really works.

SizeGenix is available directly through the company, either by phone or on their website: or by calling 1 800 675-9186

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Product Feedback

February 12, 2014 by Sam-I-Am



5 Star Rating: Recommendedstarstarstarstar

I am completely blown away with how effective this stuff is. I bought it on a whim thinking I had about a 1 and a million chance of actually getting something out of it. I am on my third month and feel about a solid two inches larger.


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What Customers Say:


"Fast Delivery"

5 Star Rating: Recommendedstarstarstarstar

I placed my order 3 days ago. I got the package today. It came in a really discreet plain envelope. And it got here SUPER fast! Thanks for the extremely fast delivery! I can't wait to try the stuff out.

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