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Provigro Review

Manufacturer: N/A

  • Overall Rating:
    2.5/5 Stars
  • Company Reputation:
    1/5 Stars
  • Growth Potential:
    2/5 Stars
  • Ingredient Quality:
    4/5 Stars
  • Speed of Results:
    3/5 Stars
  • Stamina Increase:
    4/5 Stars
  • Ejaculate Increase:
    1/5 Stars
  • Desire Increase:
    3/5 Stars
Penis Enlargement Penis Enlargement

Provigro Review:

Provigro is explained in detail on its website as a male enhancement pill that boosts sexual performance. The company claims to provide stronger erections with increased stamina and libido. Their website is very crisp and interesting, containing details about the originator Micronutra, customer feedback, client service hotline and secure ordering.

Provigro is to be taken everyday but also works well with the company's 5th Gear, an oral strip that is to be used when an extra boost is necessary. When taken by itself, the required dosage for Provigro is two pills daily; when used in conjunction with 5th Gear, the required dosage is once daily. Men will see maximum results in as little as three or as much as six months, though this varies with each man. Purchasing directly from their site costs $47.00 for two week's worth, and it comes with a sixty day return policy.

Provigro Product Details:

No side effects have been reported, though a consultation with your physician is prudent. The ingredient list is available and all individual amounts are clearly listed. It has many male enhancement herbs, such as L-Arginine, an amino acid for producing Nitric Oxide. And this helps to stimulate the flow of blood by widening the blood vessels, which causes the penis to become as erect as possible. The other components, Horny Goat Weed, Maca Powder, Saw Palmetto, Tongkat Ali, Macuna Pruiens, Ginseng and Muira Puama, are a proprietary blend of herbs that improves the libido and increases stamina.

Provigro Positives:

  1. Components are clearly noted.
  2. Website is clear and complete.
  3. Sixty day return policy.
  4. Provigro has L-Arginine.
  5. Customer feedback is available.
  6. Independently conducted trials.
  7. Company address and phone is available.

Provigro Negatives:

  1. Provigro is very pricey.
  2. No clinical trials available.
  3. There is no Tribulus.
  4. Six months required for complete results.

Provigro Bottom Line:

Provigro is an above average pill, though it is very expensive. It helps that all the ingredients and amounts are clearly stated and a sixty day return policy is available though this is not enough time to experience the full results.


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Is Penis Size important? Are Penis Pumps Safe?
Is Penis Size important?
Penis Enlargement
The Penis Enlargement Professor
Penis Enlargement Penis Enlargement
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